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For all our projects we dismantle the whole building design and build process into four or five distinct periods.
This office has the experience to assist the Client through any, but more commonly all, of the following phases...

0 conceptual design
1 design phase
2 council application phase
3 working design phase
4 construction phase

Or, in more detail..


This phase would only be used by Developer Clients wishing to explore the unknown potential of their property. Preliminary sketch design, site analysis, project cost preview, building code review and liaison with Council may all form part of such a process.


This phase embraces the majority of the design and documentation for your project.
Individual design tailored to the Client’s desires, lifestyle and budget is our ultimate goal.

The preliminary stage is devoted to gathering of required information, including the client's brief, analysing this data through site analysis, preparing conceptual sketch designs, then progressing to schematic (preliminary) design and project cost preview.
The later stage includes preparation of detailed plans and documentation and the coordinating of required Consultant documentation for submission to Council and other relevant Authorities for building approval.
Application requirements by Council and other Government bodies are constantly becoming more demanding as our state of awareness increases as to the impact development has upon our environment and our neighbours.
In support of the NatHERS and BASIX initiatives by Government, orientation, solar access, water and power consumption and thermal considerations are now assessed in detail throughout the design process.
Our design documentation also incorporates issues of construction site management, silt control, erosion and waste management.

The documentation these days required by Council and government agencies must be viewed by the Client not as a burden, but as their personal contribution to our environment's future.


The Client's acknowledging of Council regulation fundimentals and neighbour notification processes within the Design documentation is paramount to consent.
Our experience and understanding of Council’s procedures, and solid drawing and document submission, ensures your project proceeds through Council with minimum delay.

The “Applicant” is the person responsible for liaison and negotiation with Council and other Authority personnel through the Development Application process.
The Owner or your Building Designer can assume the role of-“Applicant”.


This phase may commence prior to or after Development consent is granted.
Engineer and other Consultant documentation coordination, additional large scale details, detailed landscape design, etc, if not already prepared at this stage.

Preparation of the Construction Certificate documentation will commence at this time.
The Certifying Authority can be Council’s certification division, but increasingly it is the Client's decision to engage their prefered Private Certifier.
The CC “Applicant” is the person responsible for liaison and negotiation with Council and other Authority personnel through the Construction Certificate process.
Only an Owner can assume the role of CC “Applicant”.

Contract administration starts with the invitation of Builders to quote.
Firstly this involves the preparation of consistent tendering documentation that clearly describes the proposed scope of works, allowing balanced comparison of the quotes received. At this point we may prepare additional documentation including electrical and other services scematics, detailed fitout sketches, and reflected ceiling plans.

There can be no worse a start than being ill-prepared by insufficient documemtation, having the various Builders all off on their own tangent, all quoting something different!


This phase deals with selection of the Builder, administering building contracts and concluding Council required documentation,  only then can building begin.

Administration of the building contract requires constant interaction with Client, Designer, Builder, Engineer, Consultants and Certifier.
It therefore makes good economic sense to engage our services, to act as your impartial project coordinator, mediator, cost analyser, and representative on matters of design implementation. 

Upon completion of the negotiation process, the Client and successful Builder are guided through the Contract process.
Our office has the experience to compile a solid Contract document package, tailored around MBA, HIA, or Fair Trading contracts as prefered by the particular contract parties.

Thereafter it is this office's practice to progressively assist the Client and Builder through the Construction Phase. 
As our buildings may feature intricate design elements, we offer ongoing support with the preparation of setout and detailed design sketches of relevant building elements.

We look forward to personally discussing your project requirements in the near future.
The sequence of consultation and terms of engagement can be more fully described upon application.