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Please print our eBrochure to aid your decision making with your family.

The process of designing your project is a very a personal and special adventure.
As a first step towards our engagement, we encourage you to make contact to discuss your personal requirements.

Upon first contact with Pete, an introduction document is emailed to prospective Building Design Clients.
The pack contains…

  • Introductory statement.
  • Explanation of service offered (similar detail to that described upon the website).
  • Broad construction cost range.
  • Indicative guide to design fees.

After receipt and your review of our introduction document, further discussion or a brief introductory meeting is recommended.
The introductory meeting is intended as an opportunity for you to meet Pete, and for him to show the prospective Client his documentation processes.

Upon engagement, we accumulate key documetation about your site, it is at this point that we can start the design process.



VAN RYN design.
1 / 2 Ingalara Avenue, Cronulla, NSW, 2230

Office Phone: (Sydney) (02) 9523 2223


Appointments outside Sydney and South Coast by arrangement.